The IRIS XL scanner is dedicated to in-vivo preclinical research on big animals. The system is equipped with a big bore size and is fully shielded from x-ray.


Imaging Features

·Bore size: 26 cm

·Optimized for big models

·High resolution PET

·High resolution CT

·Ultrafast and low dose CT

·Fully shielded system

Specifications PET

·Spatial resolution: ~ 1 mm (CFOV), 1.3 mm (50 mm off-centre)

·Sensitivity: ~ 2.8% (single ring system)

·Energy resolution: 14%

·Transaxial FOV: 210 mm

·Axial FOV for single bed position: 52 mm (single ring system)

·Axial FOV for multiple bed positions: > 400 mm

Specifications CT

·Spatial resolution: ~ 70 µm @ 10% MTF

·Minimum voxel size: < 55 µm

·Scan time: 2 min (high resolution) / 20-60 s (standard) / ≤ 8 s (fast)

·Transaxial FOV: 210 mm

·Axial FOV for single bed positon: > 80 mm

·Axial FOV for multiple bed positons: > 400 mm

·Environmental x-ray dose: < 1 µSv/h

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