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Spectral Instruments Imaging manufactures instruments for pre-clinical optical (bioluminescent, fluorescent) and X-ray imaging. The company was founded by the coming together of pre-clinical optical imaging pioneers (Xenogen) and recognized industry leaders in CCD camera technology.

Kino Ami HT Ami HTX Lago Lago X
Bioluminescent Imaging yes yes yes yes yes
Fluorescent Imaging yes yes yes yes yes
Faint Image Detection yes yes yes yes yes
Pure LED Illumination yes yes yes yes yes
X-Ray yes yes
X-Ray Upgrade yes yes
Mouse Capacity (BLI, FLI, X-Ray) 3 mice 5 mice 5 mice 10 mice 10 mice
Light Tight Access Port (optional, upgrade) yes yes yes yes yes
Camera -90C Absolute Air Cooled yes yes yes yes yes
CCD Pixels 905 x 770 1152 x 770 1152 x 770 2048 x 2048 2048 x 2048
Maximum Optical Field of View (cm) 14 x 11 22 x 17 22 x 17 25 x 25 25 x 25
Fluorescent Excitement Wavelengths 10 10 10 14 14
Fluorescent Emission Filter Slots 5 10 10 20 20
X-Ray Source Energy 10 – 40 kV 10 – 50 kV

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  • inviscan SAS is Distributor of Spectral Instruments Imaging in Europe